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Scream intolerably at me
And hope that how you shake remains
For the years to come, for the months
To come, for the weeks to come.

For the days to come, hours, minutes,
Seconds of change, sec’s of being
That could not be before the turn,
As outer layers turn in’t Sun.

Turn as the Sun heats green and black,
As the Moon raises blue to bumps,
Crashing to white and stirring the
Moody blind’s red chilly wide maw


Enter, ye human plankton, ‘tween
Long brushes of rubber giants,
Singing softly and high cross deep
Legions of salty earth, in love.

Remember the fire of wooden
Youth, led by bugs and held inside tents
Against all will, a sideshow of
Uniqueness strung and marketed.

Be a freed woman, an un-man
Against the sexless greedy things
That slink their digits into all.
You are not a pie to be shared.




Here is one of my attempts at creating something without a specific subject matter. It seems to me that to create something emotive and effective without a direct visual message is very difficult, far more difficult than creating an image full of opaque signifiers.

Originally intended to be a part two of my sandman painting (see Work In Progress #Z), I ended up reacting to my friend Craig’s conversation and began improvising with oil paint smudged on a plastic cd sleeve, followed by some vigorous sanding (so very vigorous) and some different shades of white in the middle. I really enjoy looking at it, and it is very difficult not adding more, and for that reason I will not add anymore, good or bad, it will forever remain an experiment in simplicity.