Tag: poetry


Scream intolerably at me
And hope that how you shake remains
For the years to come, for the months
To come, for the weeks to come.

For the days to come, hours, minutes,
Seconds of change, sec’s of being
That could not be before the turn,
As outer layers turn in’t Sun.

Turn as the Sun heats green and black,
As the Moon raises blue to bumps,
Crashing to white and stirring the
Moody blind’s red chilly wide maw


Enter, ye human plankton, ‘tween
Long brushes of rubber giants,
Singing softly and high cross deep
Legions of salty earth, in love.

Remember the fire of wooden
Youth, led by bugs and held inside tents
Against all will, a sideshow of
Uniqueness strung and marketed.

Be a freed woman, an un-man
Against the sexless greedy things
That slink their digits into all.
You are not a pie to be shared.



Space is a broken love affair
Grafted to New Orleans,
Swimming in bright lights
and covered in cream.

My dreams do the tango
In dark little rooms
Where the underfed man goes
And the overweight loons

Spin finely under the beams.
Time ran past the lucky few
As another day to do the tango
In the land where Peter Pan goes,

Where we are old on the outside only
but loosely under ten on toes.
Where we want to fly forever in my pants,
We don’t want any other clothes,

Just pants in which the wang goes
But keep the peaches free.
Free to do the tango,
In the land that Peter Pan knows.