Tag: lucid


Space is a broken love affair
Grafted to New Orleans,
Swimming in bright lights
and covered in cream.

My dreams do the tango
In dark little rooms
Where the underfed man goes
And the overweight loons

Spin finely under the beams.
Time ran past the lucky few
As another day to do the tango
In the land where Peter Pan goes,

Where we are old on the outside only
but loosely under ten on toes.
Where we want to fly forever in my pants,
We don’t want any other clothes,

Just pants in which the wang goes
But keep the peaches free.
Free to do the tango,
In the land that Peter Pan knows.



12109108_10150649437024956_1278909732102217166_nThis is my first foray into painting with oil paints, I have not used any thinners for this one, the paint is straight from the tube. I’m enjoying using them a hell of a lot more than acrylic. As with most art I do for fun, I like to create it on the fly without too much of a plan… Originally this started out as brown feathers but quickly transformed into a golden head!

Each individual section was born from the previous, opening new doors and ideas every step of the way. Sat-is-fy-ing.